June 15, 2017


工具菜单如下: Title OnePlus 3/3T Unified ToolKit v5.0U by @ahmed_radaideh ====================== = Menu = ====================== Enter a Number to select a Task. 1) Install USB Drivers On PC 2) Unlock - ReLock Bootloader 3) Check Device Status 4) Check Bootloader Status 5) Flash - Boot TWRP Recovery 6) Flash - Boot Stock Recovery 7) Push Systemless Root 8) Push Debloater Script 9) Wipe Cache Your Device 10) Force Decryption Device [WIPE] 11) Get Logs your Device 12) Restart Menu 13) Check for new Version 14) XDA Thread 15) Donate! Read more

June 9, 2017


想要在PC上运行Android软件就需要模拟器,Windows版的Android模拟器软件很多,但是Linux平台的就不多了,今天推荐一款Linux下的Android模拟器软件Anbox Anbox官方介绍为Android in a Box,Run Android applications on any GNU/Linux operating system. Anbox现在还处于测试阶段,很多功能还不完善和稳定,请谨慎使用。 安装Anbox 首先得安装Snaps,官方地址为https://snapcraft.io/ LinuxMint中安装Snaps和必须包 sudo apt install snapd sudo apt install pulseaudio 接下来按照官方指南安装Anbox snap install --classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer 我试着通过snap来安装一直存在权限问题,一般权限不能运行snap install --classic anbox-installer,root运行完snap install --classic anbox-installer后,但运行anbox-installer又提示不能使用root权限,一般权限根本无法运行anbox-installer,搞了半天都没有成功,于是就有了下文。 通过常规方法安装Anbox wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anbox/anbox-installer/master/installer.sh -O anbox-installer chmod +x ./anbox-installer ./anbox-installer 安装完成后会有重启系统的提示 To ensure all changes made to your system you should now reboot your system. If you don’t do this no Android applications will show up in the system application launcher. Read more

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